With Meet Concierge Services, the answer is always YES.



If you’ve had a meeting with us, you know we love snacks. We will bring our expertise to your pantry keeping the snacks interesting and healthy. We won’t let that rotten fruit stack up and we’ll make sure the milk is fresh for Monday morning. We’ll keep up the staples while adding something special every week.

If you have a weekly company lunch or happy hour, a Meet Concierge will order the catering and clean up afterward. Beyond the day-to-day needs, Meet Concierge Services is ready to curate customized menus to your tastes for special events hosted in your offices. Need advice on what birthday cake to buy for your President’s big day? Not sure where to find fantastic eats for your Christmas party? From Parisian brasserie favorites to homemade artisanal Italian and even signature New Yorker-style dishes, we offer only the best dining options from NYC’s wealth of diversity in food.


Constantly running out of paper?  Never have printer ink on hand when you need it?  Meet Concierge Services will audit your inventory weekly and order and stock everything your group needs. Our services include:

  • Order supplies and manage office inventory: flip charts, markers, pads, post-its, pens, pencils, etc.
  • Tech Assistance: With our technological expertise, a Meet Concierge will also assist with troubleshooting A/V (if applicable), and maintaining the printer and copier, among other technology services.
  • Organizational file keeping and other general clerical assistance
  • Send packages via an appropriate courier service or mail as requested
  • Select the perfect gift or floral arrangement for an important client
  • If you’re having trouble keeping your office plants alive, let our green thumb take over watering, pruning and replacing your office plants.

Planning corporate team-building events? Let us plan your next offsite activity at a state-of-the art skateboard training facility—or maybe you prefer to make a pesto sauce from scratch with guided chef instruction, and try your sauce with a homemade crostini. It is our business to simplify and excite our clients’ lives by taking care of the logistics and by delivering superior programming options.