Amenity Center Management

Bring in our team of seasoned professionals to manage your amenity center.

Your amenity center will benefit from our service driven culture and one of a kind event programming.

  • Develop Yearly Budgets

  • Hire & Manage Staff

  • Create Food & Beverage Program

  • Implement Programming (Yoga, Book Signings, etc.)

  • Manage Health Facility & Locker Rooms

  • Organize Outdoor Space & Seasonal Storage

  • Offer Concierge Services for Tenants

  • Oversee Technology

Amenity Center 1700 Broadway
The Water Tower Lounge- Amenity Center Management by Meet Hospitality - 540 Madison Ave

Hospitality Management Expertise

Meet Hospitality provides high-service Amenity Center Management to top-tier landlords throughout New York City. From concierge services, bar or lounge offerings, barista counters, and pop-in meeting management, the sky is the limit. Landlords and developers are finding a turn-key experience with Meet Hospitality’s wide range of services and capabilities. With start-up flexibility offering decades of expertise in hospitality management, Meet Hospitality is a one-stop-shop.

Meet Hospitality will bring in innovative solutions for landlords looking to make their amenity center stand out. Our World-Class sales team works to match your core values with unique and state-of-the-art amenity centers. We bring stimulating and carefully curated programming to each amenity center with our Meet Enhancement events to New York City’s iconic dining options from our Meet Eats partners and more.

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