Amenity Center Management

  • Develop Yearly Budgets

  • Hire & Manage Staff

  • Create Food & Beverage Program

  • Implement Programming (Yoga, Book Signings, etc.)

  • Manage Health Facility & Locker Rooms

  • Organize Outdoor Space & Seasonal Storage

  • Offer Concierge Services for Tenants

  • Oversee Technology

The Water Tower Lounge- Amenity Center Management by Meet Hospitality - 540 Madison Ave

Hospitality Management Expertise

Meet Hospitality provides high-service Amenity Center Management to top-tier landlords throughout New York City. From concierge services, bar or lounge offerings, barista counters, and pop-in meeting management, the sky is the limit. Landlords and developers are finding a turn-key experience with Meet Hospitality’s wide range of services and capabilities. With start-up flexibility offering decades of expertise in hospitality management, Meet Hospitality is a one-stop-shop.