The Best Manhattan Meeting Spaces, By Design

Meet Hospitality emerged from the shared experiences of powerhouse couple Sara and Marc Schiller, who realized that there was a need for meeting expertise outside of a stale conference room. Hence, the couple paired their love of art via the Wooster Collective with their passion for winemaking and developed Manhattan meeting spaces for lively and evocative thought to take place – Meet NYC.

Meet Hospitality revolutionized how companies gather for meetings. Meet Hospitality has hosted hundreds of clients for their strategy and brainstorming sessions, focus groups, product launches, and pitch meetings. The Meet Hospitality team brings passion, creativity, high service, attention to detail, and warmth. When location is everything, Meet Hospitality provides a Manhattan Meeting experience that is is anything but boring.

In 2017, Sara joined forces with Andy Dolce, founder of Dolce Hotels and Resorts. Together, they created one of the most experienced and exciting hospitality companies in the industry, Meet Hospitality. Because Sara and Andy share a history of having revolutionized the meetings industry, they have joined their passion and vision to further evolve how companies meet, gather, and create change.

View the available Manhattan meeting spaces: Meet on Broadway, Meet on Chrystie, Meet on Madison.

Meet Hospitality has grown to provide unique meeting locations throughout Manhattan (with more on the way). Additionally, Meet Hospitality provides innovative Landlord Services with Amenity Center management which helps provide maximum services and value to the tenants while also making effective use of space for top-tier landlords in New York City.

Meet Hospitality- Manhattan Meeting Space Founders, Sara and Marc Schiller