Come Together… 

In the words of John Lennon, “come together, right now.” After nearly two years of Zoom calls and social isolation, the ability to come together has felt really good. But there are a new set of expectations as workers have realized the value of work-life balance. Meetings for the sake of meetings are no longer tolerated and meetings that could have been an email are now a thing of the past. But along with Zoom fatigue, there is also a genuine desire to have meaningful gatherings. 

The Art of Gathering

That is where Priya Parker comes in. She literally wrote the book on meaningful gatherings…in The Art of Gathering. Her New York Times Podcast, Together Apart, helped people come together during the depths of isolation in 2020. The podcast helped remind everyone of the resiliency of the human spirit. Like we all have, Priya Parker has shape shifted to meet our needs of gathering in today’s (post-pandemic) world. She has created a course for really honing down the purpose of gathering to deliver the perfect gathering…whether for work, for the community, or for friends and family. 

Infuse Moments of Connection

One of the best takeaways in the course is how to “infuse moments of connection for your guests to plug into- and avoid leaving your guests to fend for themselves.” Infusing moments of connection for your guests comes easy at Meet Hospitality. With unique meeting enhancements such as Broadway Plus (Broadway Star at your next meeting), Visual Note Takers, and Selfless Selfies, true connections will flourish. 

The Rules of Gathering

Priya Parker even has free toolkits to help you make the most of your next meeting! She shares her New Rules of Gathering in the in-person gathering toolkit: 

Rule #1: Give Your Gathering a Purpose 

Rule #2: Make Purpose Your Bouncer 

Rule #3: Design Your Invitation To Persuade 

Rule #4: Ditch Etiquette For Rules (and create a more playful world) 

Rule #5: Close With Intention 

With rules like purpose, persuasion, playfulness, and intention, you are bound to have a meeting with meaning. 

Let’s Meet!