A core value at Meet Hospitality is that art inspires. Art stimulates the brain, jostles the emotions, and helps to create energy and conversation. That is why we are committed to having hand-selected original art at each of our locations. October is National Arts & Humanities Month and we couldn’t think of something more timely and relevant. We love bringing attention to our selected art pieces whenever we have the chance.

French Neurologist, Pierre Lemarquis, shared in his book published last November about his insights and studies around how art stimulates intellect and the emotional parts of the brain. He found that art relieves pain, stress, sleeping problems, anxiety and helps to improve memory. His book (in French) called L’Art Qui Guerit (or The Art That Heals) speaks volumes about why we should celebrate the arts and humanities. During times of challenges and stress, art truly heals.

A few highlights include:

at 1166 Avenue of the Americas:

Tom Otterness

Untitled (Gold Panners and Uncle Sam), 1998

Pencil and sepia ink on museum board

at Meet on Madison:

Bougainvillea Dream

AMA paper funk artist with Dead Flowers NYC

Bougainvillea Dream, 2021

at Meet on Broadway:

Ana Kras  Bon Bons 2019

Ana Kras

Bon Bons, 2019

For more information, we encourage you to Meet the Art at all of our Meet Hospitality meeting and event spaces around Manhattan. Long live the arts!