Fall Calm

The changing of the season brings just that…a sense of change.

One of the biggest shifts is when summer gives way to fall. One reason, this particular seasonal shift feels so BIG is the anticipation of a new school year for millions of families. But there is also a shift in our focus, our attention span, our natural inclination to get “grounded,” and to shift into work mode in preparation of the colder months ahead. It is human nature to use the fall season to prepare for what is to come based on evolution.

A few ways to use this fall energy to our benefit are too heed to our basic instincts:

  • Get organized: Cleaning out closets, managing piles, and crossing off to-do lists create space to allow change to happen. This helps us both mentally and physically prepare for this season of shifting.
  • Get grounded: Adjust your diet to foods of the season such as squash, legumes, leafy greens, and whole grains. This shift helps your immune system prepare for the upcoming colder months and takes advantage of nature’s bounty. Look no further than your farmers markets for food inspiration this time of year. The Meet Eats menu has an amazing selection of seasonal offerings (without or without pumpkin spice).
  • Get back into routine: One thing many people look forward to in the fall is the sense of routine and structure that sets in. While it is nice to let loose in the summer with sporadic bed times, make-shift meals, and loosey-goosey schedules…when the fall months arrive, we all crave routine.
  • Get re-acquainted: Reach out to colleagues and contacts to build relationships and establish connection. While summer schedules are often scattered and hard to coordinate, the fall structure allows for more time to commit to connecting with one another. Meet Hospitality has just the space for reconnections- whether a formal meeting, cocktail reception, training, or meet and greet.

Through it all, don’t forget to breathe. Breathe in the changing air, breathe in the stillness of routine, breathe in to calm down the hectic pace, breathe in to ground your self, breathe in to help guide you into the present moment. Breathe in…FALL!