Wine Reception at Meet Hospitality

Meet Hospitality has long honored the tradition of raising a glass of wine at the end of day working together to collaborate. While it helps to wrap things up on a social level, the tradition and meanings run much deeper than that. The symbology of wine as part of the daily ritual can be found in a number of places throughout history, and who are we to debunk that kind of history?


When including wine in literature, it often connotes happiness and friendship. Also in writing, including wine may also be a symbol for transformation (much like the grapes undergo a great transformation when they are broken down and fermented). The symbology of wine can take on a number of meanings, like sustenance and life itself. It also demonstrates relationships and growth.


In friendship, wine symbolizes the deepening of friendships. Along with that, and something that Meet Hospitality can get behind, is promoting honest and meaningful conversations. At the end of a busy week, why not unwind with a coworker or friend over a glass of wine?


Many ancient cultures used wine as a means of communicating with their Gods. Greeks and Romans were particularly noted for producing and consuming wine for use in their religious ceremonies.

Whatever the reason one chooses to imbibe, Meet Hospitality celebrates the unity that comes when toasting at the end of a well-earned day. Ask about our Festive Fall celebrations and adding on a wine reception to your multi-day meetings.