Did you know that practicing yoga doesn’t necessarily have to take place in a studio or gym?  While is it ideal to set aside dedicated time for exercise and mindfulness, taking time during the most stressful times is often when you will find the most relief.  Or maybe it isn’t the stressful moments that you need help with…perhaps it is the everyday tension that builds up in your neck and upper back or shoulder tension.

Mindfulness can being at the start of your day.  Drink a cold glass of water, meditate for 5 minutes, and then stretch.  You’ll be amazed at how almost instantly your brain feels refreshed.

Darrin Zeer has an entire book on the practice and studies have shown that controlled breathing has an immediate effect on reducing stress.

Here are a few great recommendations for stretches and break exercises to help calm the mind, gather your thoughts, and regain your energy:

Neck and Shoulder Release

Seated desk sequence

Restore and Rejuvenate

Deep Breathing




MEET Breathes offers a plethora of Yoga workshops that are a perfect way to break up your meeting and bring mindfulness front and center.  From useful breathing techniques, unique ice breakers or just a way to get the blood flowing, yoga provides a great mind-body connection. Book your next offsite meeting in midtown Manhattan at Meet on Broadway and schedule a Meet Breathes session on our outdoor terrace. Namaste over Broadway!