The summer season definitely has a different feeling. There is a shift in one’s mindset and focus. But that is certainly not a bad thing. Managers can make the most of this time by also shifting gears to capitalize on the moment.

Summer has a reputation of creating a more relaxed and laidback feeling at the office. Some companies start summer Friday’s, some insist on limiting meetings, and some have a summer wardrobe during the warmer months. Whatever the purpose, the result typically brings a less stressful atmosphere in the workplace. The benefit is that coworkers may have their guards down a little, they may be open to talking more intimately, and communicating more freely.

Summer Soiree on the Terrace

Studies show that employees are 45% more distracted in the summer. Great advice is to embrace the distractions in order to encourage better productivity. Embracing the distraction might include planning an off-site meeting, training, or team-building event to allow co-workers to mix, mingle, and spend time outside. Having a little fun outside of the office will allow a brain break for productivity when back at the desk. Finding unique ways to connect with one-another will benefit the team long after the summer season comes to an end.

For those meeting planners bringing together groups from office locations across the country, or world, try Monday to Wednesday multi-day meetings. This gives you an exclusive opportunity to work with our Meet Enhancement partner, Broadway Plus. Book a performer to kick off your Monday morning with a dance or improve lesson, then schedule a Tuesday evening show outing for everyone your appreciation for their time and efforts.

Whether creating a wine reception on the terrace, having a drum circle, or a yoga break, the options are endless at Meet Hospitality to gather the team to enjoy those summer vibes.