It is widespread knowledge that allowing children the ability to be creative they learn more, learn faster, and are more well-balanced. Then, why as adults, do we leave that important component of our lives only for leisure? Creativity leads to productivity. There are studies, examples, business cases and more that support the science of allowing creativity to permeate throughout our lives.


Kristel Bauer shared in a recent Ted Talk the study from Microsoft that measured brainwaves in those on four back-to-back Zoom calls. Their stress-related brain waves increased over time and the ability to engage decreased. However, meetings with 10-minute breaks in between to meditate created stabilized brain waves and increased ability to engage in the meetings. Meet Breathes is the perfect break in between sessions to stabilize and invigorate.


Theater in business– yes please. The lessons learned in theater can greatly enhance the business experience. From thinking on your feet (improv) to dealing all types of “characters,” to enhanced presentations skills…all a benefit to moving up the ladder. Meet Hospitality’s newest Meet Enhancements partner, Broadway Plus, is the perfect way to bring the benefits of theater to your colleagues. Add an improv or dance lesson to your next midtown Manhattan meeting or event.


No matter your creative impulse, Meet Hospitality’s team of professional meeting planners can help get the most out of your time together to inspire and ignite creativity that leads to productivity from your team!