Women’s History Month offers the perfect time to reflect on the importance of balance in the workplace. Women have persevered, made great strides, conquered, and when required gone back to the drawing board to do it all again in order to be seen and heard at the workplace and beyond. 

A mighty lesson that has only been magnified by the recent global pandemic (and ability to work from home for some) as well as the new generations of professionals entering the workplace is that balance is not only desired but NEEDED. Creating a work-life balance, creating a balance between work and play, and creating balance by offering different people, different options to fit their needs. 

Studies have shown that introducing that balance of “fun” at work also increases productivity and job satisfaction (both good for the bottom line) by 12-20%! With that in mind, (and because it is in our blood) we took the opportunity to create a MENU of options to add a little balance of fun during your offsite meetings at Meet Hospitality. The Meet Enhancements menu offers engaging activities during meeting breaks to help break the ice, stir up the positive energy, and pick-up the beat for the next session. 

Our top three requested Meet Enhancement meeting breaks include: 

Selfless Selfies: Add an artist to your post meeting happy hours and cocktail parties! With Selfless Selfies, we connect you with a local artist who will paint your portrait and allow you to paint them in return. This activity will help your guests de-stress and have fun! 

Yoga Breaks: An expert instructor will lead your team through deep breathing exercises and morning stretches to jump start a successful work day. 

Yoga sessions improve blood pressure, heart rate, and energy levels in the body, improve attention, focus, cognitive skills, and creativity in the mind, as well as improving mood and self-esteem, and self-acceptance. 

Join us in midtown Manhattan at Meet on Broadway and host your yoga sessions outside on the terrace.  

Drum Café: Drum Café is the world’s largest team-building company with 30 locations worldwide. They leverage the power of rhythm to quickly engage, unite and inspire groups. With a team of world-class musicians, specialized facilitators, and a drum for each participant to play, Drum Café creates unparalleled, interactive team building and corporate entertainment events. 

Bring the drum café to your meeting in Midtown East at Meet at 1166 Avenue of the Americas. Break out the fun in the Mosaic conference room or during your meeting break in the Mosaic lounge!

Look for our announcement next month about our newest Meet Enhancements partner!!!