Game Plan:


  1. a strategy worked out in advance, especially in sports, politics, or business.


We have always known that having a game plan in business is a strategy that works. These days, the game is changing, the competition has shifted, the playing field is a little (and sometimes a lot) different. These are all reasons to take your team back to the drawing board to shore up your game plan.


Super Bowl weekend inspired us to share Paul Dolce’s top five recommendations for evaluating your game plan:

  1. Identify the Challenge/Goal (has it changed or shifted?)
  2. Prioritize the Solution (a key mistake is to get distracted and take your goals off-course). Stay focused and make sure to prioritize finding solutions to challenges that are attainable, that set you ahead and not behind, and that get you closer to the end result.
  3. Define the Ideal Scenario using S.M.A.R.T. goals. This is the true strategy of how to win the game broken down efficiently and effectively. Some of Meet Hospitality’s Meet Enhancements offer resources to help your team plan effectively.
  4. Strategize to Get to Your Solution Scenario. In the game, you play to win (from your first move), you always take a shot when you have it, and HAVE FUN along the way. In this phase, you always make sure that you are utilizing all of your players talents, shifting gears when needed, staying motivated, and taking chances.
  5. Visualize that WIN and celebrate BIG! Why not set aside a private terrace (Meet on Broadway) party to let your team come together to celebrate and unite?

If you need a little inspiration, here is an outline of 33 stories of athletes and how they achieved their game plan.


Three cheers!!!