One thing to remember is that even if the company hasn’t changed, each individual has most certainly made an evolution during the past year. Finding ways to make the transition easier for everyone is vital to taking advantage of this clean-slate opportunity. Creating a strategic on-boarding plan is a great way to communicate how your company has evolved as the world, business practices, and health and wellness needs have adjusted over the past eighteen months.


We asked our team of Meeting Planning experts what their best advice for creating an on-boarding plan. They recommended these key items:

  • Think of it as a fresh start, not “going back to how it was”
  • Listen and acknowledge each and every employee, what they have been through, and what their new reality looks like. The past year has taken quite a toll on employee’s mental mindset.
  • Work as a team to pinpoint things that should stick around and things that must change from the pandemic pause experience. This is a great opportunity to try a Visual Note Taking brainstorming session with Heather Willems from the Meet Enhancements menu.
  • Celebrate each other and that we have all made it this far
  • Build on the energy, the ideas, the creativity, and the support that happens when interacting (in person) together. Find it, savor it, build on it and do it more often with re-occurring gatherings! Book one of our midtown Manhattan meeting spaces for multiple days with fun add-ons to keep the energy flowing.