Sip, Sip…Drip, Drip- The Summer is Heating Up!

Make the most out of your NYC Summer events with these simple tips from our Meet Hospitality Experience Managers:

As we cautiously, yet enthusiastically proceed with planning gatherings with our loved ones, we realize that some things have changed for the better. Just the ability to be able to reconnect is filled with meaning and a desire to make up for lost time. Here are a few simple tips to make the most out of your Summer social events:

summer soiree

summer soiree

1. Support Local-

Now, more than ever, local businesses need your support and engagement. Creating community and positivity is something that New Yorkers do best so why not pay it forward? Luckily, some of New York City’s famed eateries are just steps away from Meet Hospitality meeting and event venues and the local flavors featured on the Meet Eats Menu will surely make a statement while also lending support.

Holiday Party Canapes
2. Select the Guest List Carefully-

When reconnecting after a long hiatus, select quality over quantity. Hand-selecting the guest list will make reconnecting more meaningful and memorable. This is key for private dinner parties in Madison Square Park or downtown Manhattan.

Benevolent Bike Build at MEET Hospitality

Benevolent Bike Build at MEET Hospitality

3. Consider having a Party with a Purpose.

As humans, we seek connection and reassurance. Take your meeting or event to the next level by creating a give-back opportunity to support a local charity. Ultimately, the warm and fuzzy feeling will be multiplied when the purpose is amplified.

4. Let the colors set the mood.

Summer is so vibrant, let your color theme help guide the mood at your party. For instance, yellow is known to spar happiness, optimism, and friendship. Pink is known to boost creativity, wisdom, and imagination (coincidentally, one of Meet Hospitality’s favorite colors). Green is related to health, peace, and growth. Help set the tone for the mood you desire.

5. Surprise and delight with the little things.

Find touchpoints within the event to bring surprise and whimsy. An example might be filling a room with (color coordinated) beach balls. While they are a great design element, they also bring out playfulness with the guests. Perhaps your friends are all music lovers, utilize concert ticket stubs or concert playlists to conjure good memories and great conversation.

6. Commit to no waste.

Forego the giveaway, utilize sustainable goods, donate leftover food (for example, the Bowery Mission) and supplies, and utilize live plants instead of cut flowers that can live on and help clean the air. There are lots of ways to create a sustainable event, even small efforts can add up to make a big difference.

Cheers to making memories TOGETHER once more!