We might be a little oversaturated with talk about Coronavirus…yet at the same time, we can’t get enough information about what is to come, what to expect, how to protect ourselves, our loved ones, our offices and our teams. Sometimes a good diversion is…food.  Food always brings everyone to the table.  As we enter into Spring, we all need something good to look forward to (and want to give our immune system the boost that it needs as well).

At all of our Meet locations in New York City, we are lucky enough to have New York City’s diverse restaurant scene as our Meet Eats menu.  Here are a few highlights of some of our staff picks of healthy dishes from some of our favorite partners that are filled with immune boosting nutrients and perfect for the Spring season:

NEW: Meet on Broadway will become a Sweetgreen Hub!  Beginning March 17, Sweetgreen will officially be added to the menu.  What better way to welcome them into the fold than to feature their newest menu feature- The Tingly Sweet Potato and Kelp Bowl by David Chang. We love what Sweetgreen has done to bring attention to the importance of Kelp to our oceans, our atmosphere AND our bodies. Kelp has Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D, E and minerals like iodine, magnesium, potassium, copper and calcium (like 10x more calcium than milk)!  Kelp is filled with antioxidants and helps the body fight against disease and free radicals.







One great way to boost your immune system is to make sure that natural probiotics are part of your diet.  Our Meet Eats partner, Greecologies is a great way to bring in probiotics in a DELICIOUS way to your meeting or event.

This spring, try the Omega Spring Bowl which has Edamame, Organic Kale, Thai Basil, Persian Cucumbers, Quinoa, Wild Rocket, Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Za’atar with Avocado-Sesame Citronette.








Another favorite is from The Meatball Shop.  The Rigatoni Veggie Ragu is the perfect mix for something hearty yet healthy.  As we enter into Spring, the vegetables are just coming alive.  It makes sense to increase vegetables and things that grow from the earth during the seasons that they grow!  Spring vegetables include leafy greens, peas, asparagus and scallions.

The key to maintaining a true healthy outlook with food is always BALANCE which is why we also included one of our favorite splurges- cupcakes!  The March Calendar from Magnolia Bakery is truly enticing to put a smile on any meeting attendee’s face.  Spring ingredients like Pineapples and Pecans (Hummingbird), Pistachio, Chocolate Truffle and Carrots with Walnuts…certainly makes us want to HOP on over!


Nom! Nom!