Stuck in a rut? You got this!

Stuck in a rut? You got this!

Congratulations, you are now smack dab in the middle of winter.  While sometimes it might feel daunting, it can also be a great time for reflection for you and your team. Other times, the middle of winter gives you the feeling of being stuck in a rut.  The need for inspiration is even a better reason to get out of your typical environment and find a fresh space to gain some perspective.  


Meet Motivation: Our ways to Spring out of a rut!


1.  Get real.

Be honest with yourself about your current situation.  Part of that process includes fully understanding your comfort zones and assessing if they are holding you back.  Realizing what keeps you in your comfort zones will be a first step in pushing you out of your comfort zone. While assessing your situation, it is very important to come to terms with regret.  Many people DON’T act because they don’t want to regret something in the future. Here’s a little Meet Motivation for you:

Mark Twain quote

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2.  Take a step, any step.

Sometimes, when in a rut, taking the time to be productive IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE can help gain some valuable momentum.  Clear out your inbox, organize your desk, declutter your office (or home), leave the office for a fresh environment to inspire creative thinking… just START.  These small acts make a big difference and help you gain momentum towards positive change.  Even if you are unclear on which direction you want to go or haven’t achieved the main goals that you are aiming for, taking positive steps forward truly help propel you.  Read a book, take a seminar and make room for change.


3.  Don’t get hung up on being a perfectionist. 

Being a perfectionist often holds you back from accomplishing so much more.  It seems counterintuitive but oftentimes, simply completing a task is better than never starting at all because you need it to be perfect.  Brene Brown states: “I am a recovering perfectionist and an aspiring “good-enough-ist.”

perfection is not a standard it's an obstacle

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move your body and get out of your rut

 4.   Sweat it out

All too often, the rut you are in might have something to do with a lack of exercise.  Taking the time to exercise and get moving makes a world of difference in your personal and professional life (see some of our Meet Motivation tips to get Moving).  Physical exercise can help clear your mind AND give you energy to accomplish more, two big obstacles in finding a way out of a rut.  Newton’s 1st law rings true, “A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest.”

get visual

5.   Get Visual

Identify your vision of success and make sure it is as vivid as possible.  Surround yourself with images and inspirations to help you clearly define where you want to be and what success looks like.  What are your dreams and aspirations? Creating a vision board is powerful and really helps in setting an environment for change. Perhaps your entire team needs to get out of a meeting rut…something like our Meet Hospitality Visual Notetaking Meeting Experience is a great way to bring some energy and new life into the office and help create visual aspirations for future goals.







The common theme is to start somewhere and keep moving forward.  Little changes add up to be big milestones. We hope we can help inspire you to just start!