Meet Tips: Get Moving to Get Motivated

The hustle and bustle of New York City through the holidays could exhaust even the most high-spirited people.  Which is why January is typically the month of grand goals and resolutions to live a more “fit” lifestyle.  Soul Cycle always has a waitlist, every gym in Midtown has fliers with a “New Year, New You” special (don’t forget to read the fine print of the 3-month minimum commitment) and all of your money goes to the sales section at Lululemon.  Yet, with each passing week, the treadmills seem a little less sardine-like and finally, by mid-march, the New Year Resolutioners have thinned out and only a few remain among the other “regulars.”

But what if you refocus the goals and resolutions?  What if your purpose in getting fit had nothing to do with weight loss or muscle gain or swimsuit season? Most people know that there is a (long-awaited) wellness revolution happening in our society.  Most people are also very well versed in the studies linking physical activity and health so it is no stretch or surprise to tout all of the benefits. We won’t re-state the laundry list of health benefits linked to an active lifestyle but what we will do is highlight the experiences of our Meet team with the un-intended benefits of how movement boosts motivation…in the office and at home.


Motivated by the Meet Team:

One of the key pillars in the foundation of Meet Hospitality is our incredible staff.  So when we were looking for motivation tips, who better to turn to than our team?  Hear from a few of the friendly faces you’ve seen around Meet on Broadway and our Madison Square Park meeting space, Meet on Madison for inspiration on making 2020 an active, amazing year!  We learn that their fitness passions bring a sense of calm, a boost of energy, a clear mind, and inspiration to the workplace…making your New York City meeting even better!


Deshawn Colbert, Meet Hospitality

I tend to gravitate to yoga and swimming.  Because I am not coordinated on my feet, I have learned to seek other activities.  If you ever want a good laugh, invite me to Zumba because when the group goes left, I am typically going right!  Swimming has always been my go-to because it seems to relax me.  As a child, we loved family vacations and it was always by the water.  So, as an adult, I found that swimming was a way that would calm my mind and take me to my “happy place.”





Paul Dolce, COO Meet Hospitality

While my physical and cardio workout is bike riding, my mental workout is playing golf.  In this crazy world of rushing from one place to another, commuting to-and-from work and being connected via our devices 24/7, I find the golf course to be the perfect way to escape it all for a few hours.  Whether I’m playing with my dad, brothers, friends, or someone I just met on the first tee, there’s something very therapeutic about being outdoors and among the nature of a golf course.  Having played sports my whole life I’m a pretty competitive person, golf allows me to challenge myself to play well enough to shoot a good score and/or win a match we may have going among our foursome.  However, I highly recommend you don’t take the game too seriously and let a bad shot or a bad overall round ruin the enjoyment of being outside and having an enjoyable day among good company.  A favorite saying among us golfers is “a bad day on the golf course is better than being at work.”



Lila Hertz, Meet on Broadway

I indoor cycle at Equinox. It’s a huge passion of mine! I actually have my spin instructor certification and recently auditioned with them to get into their cycle pro-program but it’s super competitive!

On February 9th, I am participating in cycle for survival with Equinox to fundraise and ride to beat rare cancers. My favorite class is Pursuit Burn, which uses groundbreaking in-studio gaming and data visualization to drive competition and inspire peak performance.

Cycling for me has always been one of my favorite workouts for the combination of strength & cardio, great music, as well as getting close with instructors and members in the classes creating a sense of family. Because spinning (indoor cycle) is so high energy and motivating, I take that energy level into all of my tasks throughout my day.  I sometimes fall into a funk if I miss too many cycle sessions.  My biggest take-away is that a consistent workout has amazing benefits for emotional and mental health!



Bret Owens, Meet on Broadway

My favorite workout is long-distance running.  It’s great cardio, but it also clears the mind and relieves stress.  After a long week, a nice run in the park can really set things straight.  I also love that running can be done anywhere, at any time.  You don’t need special equipment and often, when traveling, it provides the most unique viewpoint of a new locale.

There are lots of benefits that accompany running but one that just feels right is the clarity that it brings.  Studies show that those that run are better at remembering (and hearing) which is a huge benefit when I sit back down at Meet on Broadway to take on the day.


Brooke Jennings Roe, Meet Hospitality

About five years ago, I knew I needed something to get me out of my rut of sitting hunched over a laptop 9+ hours a day staring at a blue screen with terrible posture and little movement. I found an exercise that felt good to my body, mind, and soul.  I chose Hot Yoga as my workout of choice (sometimes supplemented by HIIT or Spin).   I didn’t start with the goal of losing weight; which helped me to change my perspective on showing up on my mat. I wanted to show up because it FEELS GOOD.  I really gravitated towards Hot Yoga because it feels so cleansing.  Somehow, after a hot yoga session, there is a cloud that is lifted from my brain, like a switch.  I often come back to the office (and life) with a new perspective, creative ideas and new energy.  I find now when I don’t practice, my body aches for it…literally. I don’t feel right and my brain feels foggy, my breath (and my fuse) are short and my body creaks a little more loudly.



At each of our locations, Meet on Broadway, Meet on Madison, and Meet at 1166 Avenue of the Americas, we strive to provide a unique, calming, and inspiring atmosphere.  For your next offsite meeting, book a Meet Breathes or Drum Circle session and see how a slight change can motivate your employees to make large improvements.