Sometimes, simply planning and making a list isn’t enough in our fast-paced world.  If those plans and updates aren’t communicated effectively and continuously, all the planning in the world isn’t going to help.  Luckily, there is an app for that.  While apps change, evolve, get outdated or updated by the minute…here are a few or our favorites (gathered by TechRadar) of 2019 to make sure that your 2020 is a screaming success:

1:  Centrallo (Benefits: Easy to Use, Cost-Effective, Good for personal and professional tasks, can create and share lists)

Designed to ‘catch everything life throws at you’.  Users can create as many notes and checklists as you want and keep them private or share. You can create due dates so that you never miss a deadline and collaborate with team members on tasks within the app (from a desktop, smartphone or tablet).

2:  Easynote (Benefits: Streamlined, used by some of the biggest firms, multiple price points)

This easy-to-use task management tool allows you to create, assign and track tasks for personal and business uses.  This app also allows you to share files, provide feedback and set alarms/ reminders. It is so simple that no training is required.


3. Trello (Benefits: Can utilize multi-media platforms within the app, widely used, easy to grasp)

This platform is one of the most used of apps. This user-friendly interface lets you organize everything from homework to work to household tasks.  You can also categorize the tasks based on topics and users. This also has a calendar function which makes it even more usable.


4. (Benefits: very business/team focused, visually appealing but one of the more expensive apps)

This app is meant for businesses.  It is more secure than many of the other apps with two-way authentication and encryption. This app also has a calendar functionality like Trello.  Users can create task lists, share files and communicate with others.  Reports and insights on projects can be created for management purposes.


5. Accelo (Benefits: All-in-one platform and syncs with B2B apps like Quickbooks)

Accelo is a cloud-based platform that lets you manage all your clients work from one place and combines things like sales and project management. Users can make create drag-and-drop charts to manage projects, and there’s a project tracking feature that considers outcomes, resources, and budgets.

With all of these tools and resources, it is time to plan, organize and communicate! Gathering your team to do just that is a great way to wrap up one year and kick off the other.  Meet Hospitality intuitively knows how teams come together in their two distinctive NYC Meeting Spaces.  From formal corporate meetings to casual lounge-like spaces, Meet’s wide variety of gathering space is sure to kick off the communication in just the right way. 2020, we are coming for you!