Meet Hospitality has always had a passion for good design.  With eccentric meeting spaces in Manhattan that reflect the neighborhoods in which they reside, Meet’s designers would love to share some of the most successful tips in developing space that spawns both productivity and creativity.

  1. Good lighting can make or break a space. Natural light is always the winner in any situation but natural light is not always dependable and a full range of lighting for interest and productivity is key. Bright, airy lighting has that effect on mood and energy levels as well.
  2. Decluttered Minimalism with a twist. Minimalism design is great…until it isn’t.  Having a space that is clear of clutter keeps you from feeling stressed out, bogged down and overwhelmed.  The clear space allows room for work to get done because your mind doesn’t get distracted with the piles and other looming projects.  But of course, if you have seen our art collection, you know that while we love the lack of clutter, we also like to be surrounded by creativity and inspiration at all times. Meet on Broadway Bookshelf Design
  3. Colors that pop…#itsamood. There are research studies galore that showcase the power that color has on the mind and mood. For example, colors in the blue family stimulate the mind, yellow hues inspire creativity (and hunger) and green brings on a sense of relaxation.  Of course, color is very personal and some are naturally drawn to certain colors.  It is important to design a space that feels right for YOU.  The new midtown Manhattan meeting space, Meet on Broadway location is filled with colors that are totally different than those in our Madison Square Park meeting space, Meet on Madison…and it feels just right.  Jewel-toned greens and rich oranges make the space at Meet on Broadway feel established yet modern and new.  The vibrant colors and bold artwork at Meet on Madison are lively and stimulating.
  4. Lively greenery helps in a very subtle way. The best reason live plants help in an office or meeting space is that it clears the air…and typically that is both physical and mental.  While of course plants naturally help to filter our air…the sight of them is also calming and relaxing.  Nature can be hard to come by in New York City so every chance we get, we try to bring nature in.
  5. Space to create. A key aspect in our meeting spaces is having plenty of options to brainstorm, create, get inspired and be inspired.  From whiteboards to post-it notes, screens and original art…the options are endless.  Most people just feel it when they walk into the space.  Creating a meeting the room that has energy (and doesn’t drain the energy from a room) can be a bigger challenge than you think.


Many boardrooms are VANILLA but we truly take pride in creating a space that has a positive energy using light, colors, greenery and good use of space which creates a vibe that you feel the moment you walk in the door.