Fall sometimes has a frantic energy associated with the season.  That feeling of needing to get everything done before the end of the year, before the holiday rush, before winter settles in,  and before the budget closes. Frantic energy can also cause productivity to go down. When your mind is in too many places at once, it is difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.

boost productivity

One way to help tame that frantic fall energy is to sweat it out.  We love that JUST IN TIME, the NY Times dug up a blog from their archives this week to share the perfect 7-minute workout.  Studies show that just a few minutes of high-intensity training geared to reaching your maximum capacity can produce molecular changes similar to if you had exercised (running or bike riding) for several hours.  Talk about productive time spent!

When you feel that frantic fall energy, remember to fit in time for your daily workout.  Regular exercise has these benefits to help you remain productive at work (and life):

  • The increased blood flow throughout your body (especially your brain) helps you to stay alert and sharpens your awareness.
  • The cardiovascular benefits of exercise will help you with the physical demands of your job.
  • Exercise improves your mental health greatly (decreasing anxiety and depression)
  • Your immunity improves. Less days out of the office feeling under the weather means more time getting your task list COMPLETE (which also benefits your work-life balance). This increased immunity not only helps with the flu and common cold but can also help ward off diseases and ailments with long-term effects (diabetes, heart disease, etc).

Now, don’t forget to breathe!