Summer is always such an amazing time of year.  Summer vibes are filled with relaxation, yet there lingers a palpable energy. Luckily, our culture tends to take at least a little time out of the office during the summer months for a much-needed vacation.  Of course, we could learn a few things from Europeans who truly know how to make the most out of their holiday and summer season.  But for now, we take pleasure in realizing what a healthful benefit it is to press the reset button while on vacation.  Taking dedicated time away from work and home responsibilities have true benefits on one’s mind, body and soul. The benefits go well beyond the person.

Summer BrainstormBusinesses also benefit from that person’s renewed energy and newly gained perspective while away. Even just a short time away from the office is beneficial. “Most people have better life perspective and are more motivated to achieve their goals after a vacation, even if it is a 24-hour time-out,” psychologist and stress expert Francine Lederer explained ABC News in an interview.

Taking time when the feeling is a little bit more laid back in the office is a great time to plan ahead for the future.  The summer energy, long days, sun-filled rooms and a somewhat quieter office atmosphere often adds up to the perfect cocktail for brainstorming and creativity.


Creativity and Brainstorming

Meet Hospitality truly knows that placing that OOO message on your email can work wonders for your team.  Meet has designed its spaces so that your next offsite meeting in NYC is that MUCH-needed reset button for your entire team. Taking your summer dreams for the future and making them a reality at a team off-site is a great way to get back to business this fall.