Have you noticed a little glitch in your emails the last few weeks?  Did your conference call just drop? Did you have an argument with your office-mate or bestie? Perhaps there is something more to it.

You may have heard the term “Mercury in Retrograde.”  Have you ever wondered what that means?

As you already know, each planet, including Earth, travels around the Sun in the same direction.  However, due to each planet’s varying distance from the Sun, each takes a different amount of time to take their voyage around the earth.  Mercury for example can circle the Sun every 88 days or so (approximately three times for every one time that Earth circles the Sun).  For some planets (Mercury and Venus), when they lapse Earth in their journey around the Sun, the planet APPEARS to slow down and/or even go backwards, or “apparent retrograde motion.”

Astrologers believe that the Moon, stars, Sun and planets affect things on our own planet earth. Each thing in the Solar System rules a different aspect of life.  Mercury, similar to Greek Mythology, is said to govern transportation and communication. If you think it is only your personal relationships that can be affected; your worklife can turn upside down too. Those that truly dread this time of year believe that when the planet is traveling backwards, it’s typical powers of positively influencing transportation and communication are stifled and chaos ensues.

Mercury is in Retrograde approximately 3 times per year for approximately three weeks at a time.  Currently, Mercury went into retrograde on July 8th and ends on August 1 (although technically not totally back to normal until August 15).  On the bright side, if you believe in Astrology, the Leo season is now upon us and it is a very positive season for us all!  The Leo season brings with it energy, passion and self-expression. The next time this calendar year that you can expect Mercury to be in Retrograde is in the fall from October 31-November 20.

You, like me, might be a little hesitant to jump in with two feet as a full believer.  But I do love having a scapegoat for any technical errors!  With that in mind, why take chances?  Plan your next offsite team meeting in midtown Manhattan at Meet on Broadway or Meet at 1166 Avenue of the Americas.  Don’t let technology and miscommunication daunt your task list!