Spring Clean Your Meetings


Spring cleaning is a time to get your space back in order, clean out the cobwebs, and find new life.  Applying these same ideas to offsite meetings can offer a fresh start for a productive season of collaboration and strategizing.


Make a plan for how you will work and limit distractions.

Meetings are sacred time, although they sometimes feel like the same meeting you had last week.  Limiting distractions is important and will help make meetings feel more valuable, because it is difficult to focus in a meeting if there are constant interruptions. One “quick question” can take the whole meeting off track and reduce the readiness of the group to tackle the meeting at hand.  Establishing a culture in your office around the value of meetings can be a first place to increase productivity. Off-site meetings are a great way to keep distractions at bay.


Digital distractions – text messages, emails, tweets, reminders – are all things that can take away from the focus of your meetings.  They can kill morale and productivity and can decrease the ability to get back on track significantly.  To battle this, try increasing engagement, teaching new skills, and creating a clear path for professional growth.  These are all things that Udemy’s 2018 Workplace Distraction Report outline as things that will help make the workplace a more focused place to be.  Or utilize MEET Hospitality’s cell phone garage and park those digital distractions for the duration of the meeting.


Finally, changing up the experience of the meeting can also limit distractions.  Taking people out of their regular routine can build multiple opportunities for employees to increase their connection with colleagues and can help them better embrace the company’s vision and mission while boosting creativity.  A different cup of coffee (in our signature mug collection of course) and a different view may be just the thing to keep wandering minds in the room.


Open the windows to let in the light and air.  Invite great ideas and solutions to the table.

The winter months, with its dry, forced-air heat, can make each day feel repetitive and uninspiring. Fresh air does wonders to keep the brain buzzing and working on all cylinders.  The natural light and the evocative art collection at Meet Hospitality’s Manhattan meeting spaces helps to keep the energy high and creative juices flowing freely.


Now the ideas are flowing – Get Organized.

It wouldn’t be cleaning in 2019 without mentioning Marie Kondo.  Her ideas can also be a good guide for spring cleaning meetings.  KonMari suggests that when you are organizing, we should keep things that “spark joy.”  In a business setting, it may be the direction that the company is moving – a new product, improved service, or financial goals.  If we truly look at all of our practices (including our meetings), there may be things that we thank as we send them to the donation pile.  Looking at the goals that have been set and the ideas that have been generated, we can align things vertically and transparently so everyone can participate and see what choices there are and the direction that things are moving – as simple as changing the fold of your shirts.