Meet Mugs: The Story

Meet Mugs


Meet Hospitality is known for its statement design with urban influences and provocative details working together to create a stimulating environment. One of the design elements we maintain across our locations is an open kitchen plan and beverage bar.

At our beverage bars, you’ll find delicious Harney & Sons teas, fresh brewed Irving Farm Coffee, Nespresso, and a special detail you won’t find anywhere else: our signature coffee mug collection.


We have curated a unique assortment with fun, colorfully designed statement mugs. We put together this animated mix to encourage our guests to define themselves in an inventive way while practicing sustainability. The mugs are a way for our guests to reveal a little about themselves and to share experiences.

So, go ahead and choose that Grateful Dead mug … or that Elmo mug … or that Banksy mug.

We like to see people expose themselves – because we know there is something about being a little bit on edge – seeing something new and looking at things from a new perspective that increases performance and builds partnerships.

We have created our coffee bar as a moment of discovery. We want our guests to express themselves and spark curiosity about others. These moments can later motivate a vision meaningful to new ideas in the meeting space. And they can create new connections between coworkers from shared interests.

As an added bonus, you will always be able to find your coffee mug when immersed in a deep conversation!

At Meet Hospitality, that’s what we’re all about – inspiring our guests to get a conversation going about insights and experiences to enhance connectivity and increase productivity for offsite meetings.